16 of ‘Outlander’s Most Iconic Fashion Moments (So Far)

Starz Apart from being one of TV’s steamiest shows, Starz’s time-traveling drama Outlander is also one of the interesting fashion-wise, as it spans via years of trends ranging from the 18th century to the 1960s.Whether it’s Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) Fraser tartan or Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) to-die-for gowns, there is no scarcity of envy-worthy attire. Throughout the series’ five seasons, the Fraser family has been serving seems that diversity from dingy to downright Vogue-worthy.For the first four seasons, dress dressmaker Terry Dresbach (Carnivàle) helmed the series’ cloth wardrobe department, setting the tone for many looks to come. (Dresbach also happens to be married to showrunner Ronald D.

Moore.) In Season 5, Scotland native Trisha Biggar took up the mantle, notwithstanding a large team is guilty for the show’s range of clothing that has decorated highlander warriors, battlefield doctors and more. While it be convenient to love Jamie and Claire’s romance, we can no longer help having said that also love the show’s iconic fashion moments. Below, we take a appearance at a few of our favorites.Outlander, Streaming now, Starz App (*Seasons 1-3 are streaming on Netflix) StarzClaire’s White Dress (Season 1)Introduced in the show’s maximum useful episode, Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) white keyhole clothe is without difficulty iconic because it’s the ensemble she first travels via time in. While traveling the standing stones at Craigh Na Dun, she is transported from the 1940s into the 18th century. Her shift is a stark comparison compared to the dueling red coats and highlanders she reveals herself trapped between. Starz Claire’s Wedding Dress (Season 1)During her and Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) nuptials, Claire’s magnificent clothe sparkled in the candlelight adding to the moment’s romantic atmosphere. While their union wasn’t necessarily anything she turned into delighted approximately at the start, it didn’t take Claire long to fall for her highlander husband and it took audiences even less time to fall in love with her stunning gown.

StarzClaire’s Red Paris Dress (Season 2)Sure, the whole lot Claire wore in Paris changed into epic, but this red clothe continues to be a favourite among enthusiasts due to its context. Partially designed by means of Claire, she gets a few blow-back from her hubby for its plunging neckline, nonetheless the comedic events that take area around the gown are what make it in fact memorable. StarzClaire’s French Garden Look (Season 2)Despite the pressures of being pregnant at the same time as attempting to recruit Jacobite allies in Paris, Claire’s fashion never suffered. She wore this costume during a garden gathering, in which she and Jamie come face-to-face with Black Jack Randall for the first time given that leaving him in Wentworth felony at the finish of Season 1.

Claire’s trend game become at an all-time high in this floral clothe accessorized with gloves and a matching hat. Starz Jamie’s Kilt (Season 2)It’s difficult to pinpoint which of Jamie’s kilt moments is most memorable, nonetheless it’s difficult to forget the time he bid a pregnant Claire a heartfelt farewell at the standing stones of Craigh Na Dun. While Claire’s wool dress is definitely a standout, Jamie’s kilts are element of what makes Outlander, Outlander. StarzRoger & Bree’s Scottish Countryside Ensembles (Season 2)During one of their first outings together in Season 2, Roger (Richard Rankin) and Brianna (Sophie Skelton) visit a whole lot of ancient web sites around Scotland’s countryside, adding Wentworth felony.

The pair were decorated in scarves and hats, constructing a groovy ’60s vibe that grounded the tale in the time length enthusiasts were less everyday with up until that point. StarzClaire’s Trench Coat (Season 2)When Claire visits Scotland with her daughter essentially two decades after leaving Jamie at the back of in the past, she journeys to Culloden’s battlefield to pay respects to her long lost husband. Claire donned this classic trench coat for the emotional outing. StarzBree & Claire’s University Ensembles (Season 3)While receiving a posthumous honor for twentieth century patriarch Frank (Tobias Menzies), Claire and Bree positioned their best foot forward in some era-specific seems.

Between Bree’s fishnet stockings and Claire’s pillbox hat, they’re the epitome of the decade’s best trends. StarzClaire & Jamie’s Layered Travel Looks (Season 3)Claire’s homemade, blue ensemble became nicknamed the “bat suit” for its secret pockets. Its durable duds paired perfectly with Jamie’s army blue getup, which audience saw all through their epic reunion in Season 3.

StarzJamie & Claire Revisit Their Parisian Wardrobe (Season 3)Twenty years after their time together in Paris, Jamie and Claire dig up their old clothing for a birthday celebration being thrown via Lord John Grey (David Berry) in Jamaica in which they’re looking for Jamie’s abducted nephew Ian (John Bell).

It may now not have been 20 years in reality, having said that Jamie and Claire essentially recognize how to make “vintage” paintings.

StarzRoger & Bree’s Scottish Inspired Fashion (Season 4)Traveling from Scotland to America, Roger visits Bree as they travel to North Carolina for a Scottish historical past festival. Sporting tartan as a nod to their own roots, Roger and Bree mind-set the festive fashion with their own ’60s touch including Roger’s turtle neck and Bree’s corduroy coat. StarzJamie & Claire’s Wilmington Wears (Season 4)In Wilmington, in which they meet George Washington (yes, that one), Jamie and Claire get all fancied up for a shindig. From Claire’s flower-adorned choker to Jamie’s patterned vest from Paris, the couples’ outfit is on fire in the non-literal sense. StarzBree Wears Claire’s Hand-Me-Downs (Season 4)When Bree travels via the stones in Season 4, she’s sick-equipped on the apparel front, however fortunately her uncle Ian (Steven Cree) has a solution. Lending her a crate of Claire’s ancient clothes, Bree dons her mother’s coat for her adventure to America, creating a full-circle situation for fanatics.

StarzRoger & Bree’s Wedding (Season 5)Setting the scene for Season 5, Roger and Bree’s wedding is filled with colorful ensembles, nevertheless it’s at last their outfits which in reality standout, from the floral detailing on Bree’s off-white clothe and Roger’s complimentary suit. Whether they’re in their own time or no longer, these lovebirds make their clothes paintings beneath any circumstance. Starz Jamie’s Red Coat (Season 5)A necessity to protect his circle of relatives from possible persecution, Jamie agrees to wear a red coat against his personal qualms with the garment and after in poor health experiences with Black Jack Randall and other red coats. Adding to the sting of this style moment, he has to witness the death of his godfather Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) who fought for the Regulators at Alamance. Despite the painful institutions to the outfit, there’s no denying its effectiveness in Jamie’s story.

Starz Claire’s Finale Dream Sequence (Season 5)In Season 5’s finale, Claire endured some excessive trauma and abuse at the hands of Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy) and all over that she escapes to a dream world of sorts. There, she dons that iconic red once more notwithstanding in a ’60s-era trend along with Jamie and the rest of the Frasers who adopt the modern fashion.

Along with featuring a slew of Easter eggs, the sequence grants some robust fashion moments.


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