A fashion retailer grown a ways from its Seattle roots, Totokaelo joins Capitol Hill COVID-19 closure list

Inside Totokaelo’s highway point showroom (Image: CHS)
The financial fallout from the COVID-19 crisis will lay claim to one of the most upscale fashion sellers in Pike/Pine.
Totokaelo got here to the neighborhood in 2012, expanding after its Pioneer Square birth and setting the degree for founder Jill Wenger to grow her worldwide fashion ambitions. Wenger soon pushed Totokaelo into the New York fashion scene and set off on a quick boom strategy. “We’re leaving so we can globalize,” Wenger said. “I need to be the best luxury fashion emblem in the world, and the maximum coveted and the maximum beloved.”
That increase came at a cost. Wenger turned into out simply over a year later as a deepest fairness firm took over the company and engineered a merger with Richmond, Virginia-based style label Need Supply.
Now, with COVID-19 reshaping retail and growing big chance for leveraged enterprises, Totokaelo’s parent agency is pulling the plug on the brand and will no longer be reopening the stores.
The shop’s closure joins a small neighborhood of fashion dealers calling it quits around the Hill adding vintage and consignment shop Le Frock which has shuttered on E Pike and adolescence fashion chain Urban Outfitters which has left its giant retail space on Broadway empty.
(Image: Totokaelo)
In the small waves of closures noticed so a ways around the Hill throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Totokaelo’s path seems closest to the travails of the Rudy’s Barbershop chain. In May, CHS stated on a network including Rudy’s founders striking a deal to buy back the chain from the private fairness firm that ran it into financial disaster and become prepared to close every region due to the financial challenges.
Capitol Hill’s Totokaelo arena is a two-leveled store internal the automobile row-era Ford Building on 10th Ave that is also domestic to Elliott Bay Book Company. In 2017, the building became bought by way of Keeler Investment Group for $14 million from Capitol Hill-based Hunters Capital. We’ve reached out to Keeler to ask about the retailer’s go out.

We have also asked Totokaelo’s parent company for more on the decision to near but have no longer heard back.
Capitol Hill and Central District COVID-19 Crisis Closures: CHS has tried to ascertain all stated statuses. Please allow us know if any advice demands to be up-to-date — LAST UPDATED: 7/7/20
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Bill’s Off Broadway, E Pine, announced 6/24/20
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Tougo, 18th and Union, announced early April, Yesler arena is still open
My Thai, 10th Ave E, closed but we are not bound whilst it shuttered
Retail and more
Ritual House, 19th Ave E, pronounced 7/15/20
Totokaelo, 10th Ave, mentioned 7/13/20
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Urban Outfitters, Broadway, early life style chain’s exit began final summer as Broadway Market started out search for new tenant
Le Frock, E Pike, consignment store announced permanent closure in April
H2O2, 19th AVe E, longtime Stevens area hair fear has moved north of the cut
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