‘A legacy that is going beyond basic success’

Throughout July, BBC Scotland’s Sporting Nation series is reflecting on some of the greatest feats and personalities from Scottish wearing history. Here we look at Jackie Stewart, a three-time Formula 1 world champion and a using force at the back of the campaign to introduce more protection measures to the sport.Jackie Stewart wins his first World Championship title at Monza in 1969It is October 1973 and Sir Jackie Stewart is preparing to bow out of Formula 1 thru celebrating his third World Championship win. He has raced in 99 grands prix, and he desires the 100.It need to have been a weekend Stewart would never forget, one he may appearance back on with happiness, pride and satisfaction as he achieved that milestone.”You’ve made all that money, you have had that success, you’ve had the adulation and baloney that goes with it, and, suddenly, God slaps you on the wrist,” Stewart says, painfully remembering that ill-fated Saturday afternoon in Watkins Glen, New York.”Suddenly, he takes the life of the grownup you’re closest to external of your family.”That adult was Francois Cevert, Stewart’s 29-year-old Tyrrell team-mate, his protege and his family member.

He had died in a horrendous twist of fate on the related music the Scot become due to perform his lap of honour.”The injuries were so graphically horrible, I would no longer wish any one to ever see something like it,” he spoke of.

“It changed into an alternate time that a person I become in fact near to become killed right in front of me.”I counted 57 americans who died who we would had in our home, stayed in our home, had dinner with, travelled with, holidayed with. It was hideously dangerous and it had to be changed.”‘It wasn’t celebrated, it turned into ignored’Even from a young age, Stewart turned into made neatly acutely aware of the dangers of his best passion.”There’s best ever going to be one racing driver in this family, and he’s simply retired,” mom Jeannie told him, referring to his brother Jimmy, who changed into eight years older and had survived a few nasty crashes.However, a general job become possible out of the query for young Jackie, as he struggled with his education and changed into later diagnosed with what he describes as “extreme dyslexia”.The death of family member and Tyrrell team-mate Francois Cevert (left) convinced Stewart to retire one race short of his 100th grand prixHe left college as a 16-year-old and went to paintings in his father’s garage, where his racing journey began. Initially, Stewart did no longer tell his mom, but she soon discovered out.”I had to race beneath the pseudonym of ‘AN Other’,” he mentioned.

“Eventually it got here out in newspapers approximately ‘Jimmy Stewart’s younger brother, Jackie’.

Of direction she read it…”While Stewart’s achievements led to the wearing community to take a seat up and take notice, his mother closed her eyes and put her fingers in her ears. She did not want to know.”She never once acknowledged that I become a racing driving force,” he spoke of.

“If I won a grand prix, she may never say: ‘Oh, that turned into high-quality that you won.’ “When I won a World Championship it wasn’t celebrated, it become ignored. It become never discussed in the house, ever.”Campaigning for greater protection in F1In 1966, Jeannie’s worst fears very nearly changed into a reality. A crash at the Belgian Grand Prix left Stewart stuck in the cockpit of his BRM for 25 mins with petrol leaking from the car.”I was trapped for a long time,” he recalls. “I was soaked in fuel, the electrics were still ticking – they may simply have long past up in flames at any time.”No assistance, no marshals, no scientific people, no tools to get me out of the car. It was a wake-up call. It alerted me to what become wrong with driving racing cars.”Stewart survived, but his colleagues may no longer be so fortunate in the years to come.”I do not desire to make any more pals in this sport.

It’s too difficult wasting them,” Stewart had said after Jochen Rindt become killed in 1970, two years after Scot Jim Clark.”Four drivers in four months died that were living with us, traveling with us, dining with us and racing with us. Nothing become being done.”Stewart won his 3rd Formula 1 international identify in 1973Stewart knew he had to use his platform to modification Formula 1 for the better.

He campaigned for run-off areas, higher barriers, complex medical amenities and relevant marshalling. He led boycotts of the biggest venues – such as Nurburgring and Spa-Francorchamps – because of negative safety measures.His quest was met with adversity and a lack of recognition, but Stewart has been instrumental in the recreation changing into drastically different in terms of driver protection due to the fact his heyday.His glittering occupation changed into plastered with success and joy, even so plagued by way of grief and loss.”Racing become my life.

It changed into my whole life.

I was ate up via it,” he reflects.”I never drew any blood from an accident involving motor racing. I got here thru it remarkably unscathed – however mentally damaged, I’m sure, through all the deaths.”


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