Progressing in years isn’t so much for wimps

Day break French says she is cheerful progressing in years in spite of “things going a piece wrong”.

The entertainer, 63, will be back on screen as the vicar of Dibley, 26 years after she previously wore the canine restraint.

She told Radio Times Christmas issue: “It’s an honor to age.”

However, she added: “It’s not really for wimps. Things go a piece wrong…

“Your rheumatoid joint pain knee stops you strolling your canine quite far each day, you realize you must have a little operation on that eventually, and you must go home for the weeks…

“In any case, it ain’t all that awful. Your teeth are a piece yellower, your jaw has hang, you’re fatter, you’re greyer.

“Mainly, I feel the tick tock a tad. I’m speedier to alter out eejits from my life, since I lack hours.

“That is the main cantankerous piece of me, it’s simply to do with time,” she told the magazine.

French will return as the ward of Dibley’s Geraldine Granger in TV specials, the Vicar Of Dibley In Lockdown, on BBC One.

Her late co-star Emma Chambers, who depicted Alice Tinker in the hit sitcom, passed on from normal causes, matured 53, in 2018.

“Obviously, as Geraldine is discussing Alice, I’m discussing Emma, so it was difficult. It was extremely personal,” French said of shooting the show.

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