10 Things You Didn’t Know about Holly Willoughby

It does seem easy enough to not know who Holly Willoughby is since she’s done a great deal on TV but it does depend on what you’re into watching and if you’ve ever seen her before. But barring that she has done a lot in her life and has been pretty successful. You could say her career started when she was still pretty young and just kind of puttered along for a while until she found enough traction to really get things rolling. That being said, she’s managed to create a comfortable life for herself and her family throughout the years and has been one of those that you might not know a lot about but can guess is someone that’s well-respected behind the scenes and has done what was needed to make sure that she’s always where she needs to be and is ready and willing to get the job done.

Here are a few things about Holly you might not have known.

10. She was discovered by talent scouts when she was 14 and became a teen model.

It’s interesting to note when some people are discovered since some are given attention at a very young age while others aren’t really inducted into the modeling business until they’re well into their teens or older.

9. Holly took on a lot of menial jobs for a while.

Holly wasn’t really an overnight success, she had to put in a good deal of work doing other jobs before she really found something that put her in the spotlight. But then if you look at the history of a lot of celebrities you might see the same.

8. She became a children’s entertainer at one point.

Children’s entertainment has always been something that’s fairly common and has experienced a great many dips and upswings throughout the years. There’s always going to be room for those that want to tackle such an endeavor.

7. Holly was a presenter for Dancing On Ice.

Some folks might not remember this show quite as much since in the midst of so many dancing and talent shows it didn’t take off quite as well, but it did offer some entertainment since the difficulty was a bit more intense and the successful execution of a routine was something impressive to watch.

6. She’s written a series of children’s books with her sister.

There’s more than just on screen talent to Holly since she has managed to create something for kids outside of TV shows and has shown a great amount of skill and desire to be seen as more than just a presenter or host.

5. For a lot of years now she’s been either a host or presenter on various shows.

There is a lot more to the presenter or host spot in a show since they happen to be the face of the program and the one that has to make it look good initially when the show first comes on. This is a great position to start with but it is something that can wear a person down after a while.

4. She’s a brand ambassador for Diet Coke in the UK.

Quite honestly this is something that’s kind of impressive as well since being the ambassador for a brand does mean that she’s the face and someone that others will look to as an example when it’s needed. That seems to be something she’s become quite adept at and you can easily guess that her time as a model in the past has helped her to step into it with as much professionalism as she possibly can.

3. She’s made it clear throughout the years that she’s dyslexic.

This seems to be a very common condition that a lot of people share these days and while it’s able to be corrected it’s still something that a person can slip back into out of habit and can cause enough hassle in a person’s life to become a serious detriment. But with enough training and the desire to really correct the problem it’s possible to work past it.

2. Her social media following is simply massive.

Holly has well over five million followers on her social media accounts so it’s easy to assume that even those that don’t know about her might have heard her name a time or two in the past since she does have the kind of following that defies obscurity and eliminates the thought that people don’t know who she is.

1. She received backlash online for accepting free tickets to see Frozen on Broadway.

Apparently she was gifted tickets to the show and there were those online that believed since she was rich enough to buy her own tickets that she should have given them away to someone that might want to see the show that couldn’t afford it. She might be rich, but she’s not responsible for anyone else aside from her family and herself, so the envy-ridden ‘fans’ need to get a grip.

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