Josie Duggar, the Youngest Duggar Child, Called Her Family’s Style ‘Ugly’

We’ve watched the Duggars long adequate to know all approximately their searching habits. Growing up, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar didn’t have a ton of cash to spend on their 19 kids, so they made do with what they had. This intended shopping for groceries in bulk and thrifting for clothing.

Now, the times have converted for the older Duggar kids.

Jinger Duggar has gotten ultra-stylish on the grounds that moving to Los Angeles, and a couple of of the other Duggars have come into their own trend as well. But it seems the youngest in the family, Josie, has her own critiques approximately how the Duggars clothe.

The Duggars are common for getting thrifty with their clothes
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The Duggars have discussed their thrifty ways in the past. In order to save cash as a family, the older Duggar daughters loved to find clothing at thrift department stores and garage sales. And they both created their own, exciting fashion using second-hand items.
Jessa and Jinger even discussed their personal styles back in 2016.

“Jinger, she can pretty so much wear anything,” Jessa tells the camera. “She attempts out a lot of various styles, and the entirety seems excellent on her.”
“Jess is truly good with fashion. She’s the one who absolutely were given us all into it,” Jinger echoed in the related video. And Jinger delivered that Jessa become the one who helped her more youthful brothers clothe well in their household.
“We save consistently at thrift shops and consignment shops and sale racks. We love that form of thing,” Jessa added.

“So like, 95% of the stuff we wear is thrift department stores and consignment department stores.”
Josie Duggar is the youngest of the big circle of relatives
We’re certain Josie is learning plenty of thrifty trend suggestions from her older siblings. The youngest of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids is 10, and she’s considered their miracle child because she changed into born a micro-preemie. Now, Josie is becoming into her pre-teen years. And she’s absolutely sporting a few of the apparel her older sisters used to wear.
Jill Duggar discussed getting clothes from her older siblings on an episode of 19 Kids and Counting just about a decade ago. “I don’t think that any of us have problems with wearing used clothing because we’ve done it our entire lives,” she said. “You circulate down the clothing from the oldest kid to the youngest kid, you’re saving money, and the kids are gonna outgrow it so rapid anyways.”
The clip Jill’s communicating in then shows that she and her sisters best spent $235 on iciness clothing that might continuously charge her circle of relatives over $5,000.

She referred to as the Duggar’s style ‘ugly’
We don’t hear too a great deal from Josie, as maximum of the Duggar circle of relatives fans observe the older Duggar kids and handiest listen approximately the young ones by way of Counting On. But it appears Josie is basically starting to come into her personality. And whilst producers from the demonstrate asked her what she conception of her family’s trend, she didn’t have brilliant matters to say.
“In one word, describe your style,” a member of the Counting On camera group asked.
“Ugly,” Josie fired back.
“And a collective LOL at Josie calling her trend ugly,” one Reddit user commented.
“I consider so bad for bad Josie calling her fashion ‘ugly,’” an alternative wrote. “That’s So young to be feeling insecure or uncomfortable in your skin. It’s a d*mn disgrace her family makes her dress like that and now not explicit herself the way she wants.”
“Her options are all hand-me-downs from her million siblings,” yet an alternative delivered.

“It’s not like she has a lot of say in her vogue.”
Perhaps Jinger will take Josie under her wing and improve the more youthful child’s vogue as she ages. It absolutely sounds like the pre-teen would like that!
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